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Good Skin is Within

Teaching you how to Radically Reduce the symptoms of chronic skin conditions. Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis, Acne and Rosacea

Consulting globally

Based in Australia's Northern Rivers and Gold Coast region


GoodSkinClinic has been making a significant difference to the lives of people in our region and beyond who suffer from skin diseases for over 20 years. Our treatment protocols are leading the world in results for Psoriasis and have been changing the lives of sufferers of skin disease since 1985. We now also provide a full telehealth service to you from the comfort of your home and operate globally on AEST

Plaque Psoriasis
Plaque Psoriasis

We are integrated Dermatologists

Combining lifestyle interventions with medications and ointments



We understand the most effective combinations in the majority of cases. Utilising evidence-based allergy knowledge, the most effective dietary interventions and the very best topical skin repair treatments we work with you to radically reduce symptoms.


We prefer Dr Michael Tirant's medication protocols which can be used sparingly and are regularly tested by Dermatologists to maintain an exceptionally high level of scientific validation. This helps us to claim our 89% success rate.

As with any medication or therapy it requires the appropriate protocols to be followed for maximum benefit and individual results may vary.

Our protocols are holistic

With a focus on barrier repair


We teach self management with a supervised period to measure a radical reduction of your presenting skin symptoms. By identifying primary and secondary triggers for your condition then teaching you how to reduce further triggers our results become measurable and sustainable for you.

We utilise a combination of evidence based treatment approaches that include effective internal medicines with leading edge topical applications. We also make evidence based lifestyle recommendations. The goal is always to repair and maintain the barrier effectively reducing dryness, itch, scaling and cracks.

We are global leaders in barrier repair and Good Skin health.




I have had psoriasis ever since I was a child and it affected my life in so many ways. I lacked confidence and felt embarrassed by it. My psoriasis was extremely painful and affected the clothes I wore.

Now it is completely gone and my confidence is incredible!

psoriasis weeping


I've cleared it again! After working with previous consultants I have revisited the protocols following a covid related flare up that just wouldn't shift.

I've always followed the diet but daily applications of the cream were enough to clear it this time.  ENTIRELY.  

I have now sent multiple tubs to friends overseas. This really does work; thank you again for incredible results!

guttate psoriasis

Giant THANK YOUS for healing me of the long standing misery of psoriasis.

I've spread your amazing facts to all of my friends.

Love you!



We achieve measurable results

For people with chronic skin conditions


Our protocols have been clinically tested by Dermatologists and are regularly updated and reviewed to maintain high rates of success. We regularly achieve an unprecedented 89% success rate with clinical goals and targets we work with you to achieve. As part of a small global network of scientists and health practitioners our combined work and knowledge forms the platform of the Good Skin Clinic Program.


This treatment program is world leading for chronic skin conditions and has been changing the lives of sufferers of skin disease since 1985. With this combined knowledge of leaders in complementary dermatology, particularly the treatment of Psoriasis our work continues to improve lives. Thanks to the efforts of all we have been able to observe

that Good Skin is Within.

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