Consulting globally

Based in Australia's Northern Rivers and Gold Coast region

The Good Skin Clinic has been making a significant difference to the lives of people in our region and beyond who suffer from skin diseases for over 20 years. Our treatment protocols are leading the world in results for psoriasis and have been changing the lives of sufferers of skin disease since 1985. We now also provide a full telehealth service to you from the comfort of your home and operate globally on AEST

We are integrated Dermatologists

Combining lifestyle interventions with medications and ointments

We understand the most effective combinations in the majority of cases. Utilising evidence based allergy knowledge, the most effective dietary interventions and the very best topical skin repair treatments we work with you to radically reduce symptoms.

We prefer Dr Michael Tirant's medication protocols which can be used sparingly and are regularly tested by Dermatologists to maintain an exceptionally high level of scientific validation. This helps us to claim our 89% success rate.

As with any medication or therapy it requires the appropriate protocols to be followed for maximum benefit and individual results may vary.