Our results are obvious. We teach you how to have long term freedom from your condition. 

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Maryanne Sweet - Senior Consultant

Naturopath - Nutritionist



As a biomedical practitioner Maryanne Sweet has over a decade of clinical experience in Australia and internationally. Now focusing predominantly on integrative dermatology, Maryanne oversees clinical practice at the Good Skin Clinics and also supports clinicians and graduates to expand their clinical practice utilising the integrative dermatology framework. 




"The Good Skin Clinic has been making a significant difference to the lives of people who suffer from skin diseases on the Gold Coast and the Northern Rivers since 2006, using Dr Michael Tirant treatment protocols. These have been tested by Dermatologists and achieve an unprecedented 89% success rate. This program is leading the world in skin disease and has been changing the lives of sufferers of skin disease since 1985. " www.goodskincare.com.au


We utilise a variety of additional supports to aid rapid, gentle resolution. After assessing the presentation, our clinicians will observe the range of triggers for your skin condition, and customise a treatment plan to address the symptoms and support you to achieve lasting results.



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BREAKING NEWS ... a series of newly published research....... Dr Michaels® product family (also branded as Soratinex®) versus conventional treatment - a comparative study of the effectiveness for the treatment of plaque psoriasis.........Michael Tirent FB Pg. Aug. 17

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If you think we're all the same, think again.


Our clinic does not operate on a one size fits all approach. We assess each patient to establish the primary causes of your disease.


* Changing lives

the difference is obvious

Yes, we are different, our specialist Skin Clinic offers results that speak for themselves!


Are you like one of the many thousands of patients we see, having tried everything possible visiting all kinds of skin doctors with no results. Frustrated and annoyed with spending hard earned money on medications that don't work, or that make you worse than you were before? I know its hard to believe, but Please don't hesitate to call and arrange the appointment that may well be life changing for you. 


We will work with you to educate you, as to the reasons why you are not having success, in clearing your disease. Why some medications work better than others. Which medications will give you the best out comes and in the fastest possible time and why your disease fluctuates e.g. good one day and bad the next.


Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne, Icthyosis, Fungal infections, Granulomas, Psoriatic Arthritis, Rosacea, Scleroderma, Urticaria (Hives), Papilloma Virus (warts) and many other skin diseases, have traditionally been very challenging to address, via the conventional process, but thanks to the outstanding break throughs in natural medicine, the path is now clear to having the normal skin you have longed for.


*Individual results may vary

If you're embarrassed about your skin?

Is it red and flaky?

Itching like crazy or just looks like Crocodile scales?

Maybe it's scratched, cracked and bleeding?


Please take a little time, to talk to us. 

0429 803903

If you have been told, "nothing can be done for your disease" then spend a minute or two and view the slide show, displaying the outstanding results achieved at the Good Skin Clinic, for our clients who have also been told that same thing. 



Take a look at the outstanding Before & After pictures

Palmer Psoriasis
Palmer Psoriasis

17yr's of embarrassment gone in 12 wks.

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Plaque Psoriasis
Plaque Psoriasis

Decades of troublesome Psoriasis gone in 8 weeks

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Pemphigus Vulgaris
Pemphigus Vulgaris

28 years with this excruciating disease gone in 8 weeks with the Good Skin Clinic

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Palmer Psoriasis
Palmer Psoriasis

17yr's of embarrassment gone in 12 wks.

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Frequently asked Questions


 Do you do skin cancer checks 

"No we do not," we specialise in deseases suchas; Psoriasis. Eczema, Rosacea, Psoriatic arthritis, etc.


What are Biologics

A recent example; Taltz (ixekizumab) is a type of biologic immunosuppressant, which suppresses normal immune processes and by doing so, decreases the actions of a chemical substances in the body, these chemicals cause inflammation. Taltz is used as a treatment for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis (silvery, raised, flaking of the skin) for adults only. This form of therapy has its own range of side effects and I would recommend anyone considering this therapy, to investigate those side effects for themselves, to ensure, an informed decision.

The outstanding results achieved at the Good Skin Clinic, are achieved by using our scientificly proven natural based program and do not require the use of any immunosuppressant drugs or Steroid medications and deliver a 90% success rate within 3-12 weeks of starting the program.


I have spent thousands on Doctors, Specialists and natural therapies and I have tried every ointment and cream I've come across. What is different about your program and why does it work, where nothing else has?


We have a very unique approach to skin disease. The medication we use for both internal and topical applications are proven effective in 90 per cent of Psoriasis cases. We commonly assist patients who have been suffering with Psoriasis and Eczema for decades, teaching them how to successfully eliminate their dry, scaly, red and itchy skin. Along with the medication we teach each patient, which foods are the most likely to exacerbate their disease, as well as encouraging the use of the most appropriate lifestyle, to assist in the recovery from these diseases. 


* To Good Skin Clinic and staff; with giant THANK YOU’S!.....For healing me of the long standing misery of psoriasis. 

I'’ve spread those amazing facts to all my friends….

Love you!

Babette L


How long does it take to see results?


We expect to see great results with every patient, and most patients will see a 10-40% improvement in the first 2 weeks, approximately 60-90% within 6 weeks and commonly 80-100% clear by week 12. This is not a miracle and perseverance and diligence are important. The reward is the great results you will achieve.


* ....I have had psoriasis ever since I was a child and it affected my life in so many ways. It made me lack confidence and feel embarrassed, it affected the clothes I wore, and it was extremely painful. Now it's completely gone. I have some scarring/pigmentation, but I kind of like it as a reminder. People ask what it's from and I try to explain what my skin used to be like and no-one can believe it. It's pretty incredible.....

Phoebe S


I am a pensioner, is it covered by Medicare?


Unfortunately this program is not covered by Medicare, or Private Health Insurance rebates. As a courtesy we do offer a 10% discount on the consultation for current Pensioners & Health Care Card holders.


* I''m really happy with the outcome of attending Good Skin Clinic and my skin has never been better thanks heaps. I will be sticking to the new way of eating it's a great change of life thank you again .

Josh C


Are there any nasty chemicals in the products that you use?


The medications we use are very safe with no harsh chemicals, primarily they are very specific herbal medications and essential oils that deliver a very powerful effect for skin repair.


*You have successfully treated my psoriasis and my skin is looking good."

Sherree O'