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The Questions patients want answered, such as; what are the common causes of eczema? How to get rid of eczema? What are the best creams for eczema? Why are Staph infections problematic in eczema patients? We try to answer all of your questions during your consultation to empower you with the knowledge required to give you the best results possible.


Eczema sufferers experience a high degree of frustration with this disease, due to its complexity and the irritation of the exzema rash. At the Good Skin Clinic we have gone to great lengths to design a program that is easy to follow. Our simplified approach, addresses the key aspects of resolving this disease in the shortest possible time, for each individual patient. This easy to follow approach, incorporates the latest scientific advancements and delivers an extremely high degree of success. With most of our patients experiencing between 10-40 % improvement in the first 2 weeks alone, at 6 weeks 50-80% and by 12 weeks 80-100% resolved is commonly experienced. Please call 0429 803903 during business hours to arrange an appointment.


The skin disease Eczema, is a chronic condition that commonly appears in childhood. It is not contagious and has no cure, although, our patients generally achieve a high level of success. This prompts many to claim that they have found the cure for their Eczema after following the extremely safe, effective protocols and using the medications prescribed during their consultation. 

There is considerable conjecture that Eczema is linked to the faulty genetic protein, Filaggrin, which causes the skin to lose its integrity, increasing the potential for skin disorders. When combining the correct lifestyle and diet choices, along with the appropriate medication, excellent results may be achieved.


Testimonials  *Individual results may vary

At the Good Skin Clinic we deliver life changing results: -

These above photos show that after 38 years of suffering an 80% improvement was achieved after just 6 weeks of treatment.

Also a major turn-around in just 6 weeks after 4 years of suffering.

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Causes of Eczema are widely debated, however, our attention is on the immune system, as it plays a significant role in keeping the body functioning well and is the primary focus of the Good Skin Clinic. This strategic approach is enabling the outstanding results that our patients have come to expect.

Types of Eczema

Atopic Eczema is extremely itchy, red, dry and sore. This inflammatory disease often attacks the very young. Many children grow out of it as they age. Diet and allergies appear to contribute significantly to this disease. 


Seborrheic Dermatitis (Sebaceous Dermatitis) affects the back of the scalp, between your eyebrows, in the fold of your nose, in the V of your chest and some times has a dandruff like scale and typically, is a dry red, flaky, itchy disease. It's called cradle cap in babies or infantile seborrheic dermatitis.


Contact Dermatitis is commonly brought about by contact of an allergic or irritant material, or even sunlight. The rash may feel like it's burning and becomes itchy with the typical red rash on the skin.


Discoid or Nummular Dermatitis so named, because it has a shape similar to a coin, round or oval, this type of dermatitis, generally appears after the age of 60, however it may appear at any age. It's dry and scaly, and maybe worse during winter.


Varicose eczema or stasis dermatitis may occur due to elevated pressure in the capillaries, causing the skin integrity to fail, commonly causing the deterioration of the skin on the lower legs, in-turn causing pain, swelling, redness and itch.

Asteatotic or Xerotic Eczema, this type is a particularly dry form of the disease affecting, legs and underarms. It usually occurs in the elderly, but can occur as young as 20.


Pompholyx or Dyshidrotic Eczema occurs on the hands and feet with small blisters, filled with clear fluid and have an extremely deep itch. Allergic reactions to Nickel and dust mite, may play a significant role in this disease.


Eczema / Dermatitis Treatment

Varies slightly from one type to another. At the Good Skin Clinic we investigate the causative factors and focus on our tried and proven protocols, using the best diet and lifestyle advise and the best eczema creams for chidren and adults, achieving exceptionally high (85%+) beneficial outcomes for these diseases, offering outstand relife for eczema sufferes.

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