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Skin Treatment a Blessing

There is an increasing incidence in the number of people presenting with eczema (and dermatitis). Researchers agree that whilst eczema is a genetic condition, there are a number of triggers that can cause the condition to become active. Over the last 28 years, Dr. Tirant, Medical Researcher has identified two types of triggers. Primary triggers (including medications, vaccinations, distress and viral infections) initiate the flare up. Secondary triggers (including diet, chemical, hormonal and environmental sensitivities) may continue to exacerbate the condition.

While utilising this valuable resource, Practitioner, Barry Donnelly BHSc CM. ND. WHM. N. is achieving exceptional results e.g. Mick (a life long sufferer) presented at the Good Skin Clinic with eczema. He received treatment from Mr Donnelly, who was able to identify the triggers that were affecting “Mick”. On his first visit to the clinic, “Mick’s” skin was extremely itchy, red and inflamed. Scratch marks were present on his legs, arms and over most of his body. This was nothing new for Mick. “Mick”has had many sleepless nights over the years with this very debilitating condition, it’s difficult to get to sleep when all you want to do is tear your skin off. Mr Donnelly found a number of food related triggers were affecting “Mick”. In some cases, the simplest things have made the biggest difference. “Mick” also had reactions to different materials and his clothing and bedding had to be altered. The initial improvements in “Mick’s” skin were seen within a week of starting treatment. His skin was less inflamed and returning to normal skin tone. By six weeks he was back to sleeping seven hours a night and the skin is increasingly clear. The practitioner has advised “Mick” that care still needs to be taken with the foods he eats. Remission and long term relief from eczema is achievable when you are able to address the triggers that are flaring up your skin. Mick stated that he has not had this kind of relief for at least 15 years.

Other SKIN CONDITIONS that are also successfully addressed at the Good Skin Clinic include, ECZEMA, ACNE, PSORIATIC ARTHRITIS, ROSACEA, DERMATITIS, ICHTHYOSIS and NAIL / FUNGAL INFECTIONS.

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