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The Good Skin Clinic is leading the world in changing the lives of Psoriasis sufferers

Psoriasis comes in many forms. Plantar Psoriasis is a type of disease that causes a great deal of discomfort. People with this condition struggle with walking, often developing cracks and thick plaque on the soles to their feet, make it very difficult to walk. Sufferers occasionally arrive at our clinic in wheel chairs or on crutches.

At the Good Skin Clinic we have been assisting sufferers with skin disease to successfully resolve their conditions for over 7 years - read on to hear these life changing stories.

The top left pictures show the Psoriasis affected foot of Julie. She was experiencing considerable pain when walking and after visiting numerous Doctors in her home land of New Caledonia for more than one year with no success in treating her condition, Julie decided to search the net and found our Clinic on Google. She sent an email, we arranged an appointment. Six weeks after the first appointment she flew back to Australia for her final consultation, with joy on her face, grinning ear to ear, in her French accent said. l am amazed, I can not believe how much better I feel, thank you so much." To come from New Caledonia specifically to take part in the program used at the Good Skin Clinic. The bottom photograph was taken 6 weeks after she started the program, Julie also commented, that there are many people with skin problems planning to visit our clinic from New Caledonia. This confirms for me how happy she is to finally be free from this debilitating condition. She is spreading the news far and wide as do most of our clients.

Other SKIN CONDITIONS that are also successfully addressed at the Good Skin Clinic include, ECZEMA, ACNE, PSORIATIC ARTHRITIS, ROSACEA, DERMATITIS, ICHTHYOSIS and NAIL / FUNGAL INFECTIONS.

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