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Testimonial    *Individual results may vary

* These photos are of my 8 year old daughter. She has had psoriasis for 4 years and it had been worsening to the stage that you see on these photos. I had taken her to one Paediatric doctor, two dermatologists, and three GPs. She was prescribed toxic oral tablets, and toxic skin creams all to which we tried with a hope of alleviation of the symptoms but with no improvement and only a steady worsening of her condition. When we were at our wits end we saw an ad on TV for the 'Psoriasis and skin clinic' and within 6 weeks of our first visit had started on a road to recovery. Within 3 months she was almost clear of her symptoms, and this was all with the use of natural creams and tablets and a change in her diet. She is now able to go swimming without getting sneered at by other children OR their parents and there are no more nasty comments at school. She is much happier in herself and much more confident. Thank you so much to Barry Donnelly and the team at Good Skin Clinic.


Karina H.    Goldcoast

The Questions patients want answered, such as; what are the common causes of Psoriasis? How to get rid of psoriasis? What are the best creams for Psoriasis? Why are Strep infections problematic in Psoriasis patients? We try to answer all of your questions during your consultation to empower you with the knowledge required to give you the best results possible.


Psoriasis symptoms include a red, dry, scaly, itchy skin rash, with well defined borders. It is an autoimmune disease.


Psoriasis is a serious and sometimes debilitating disease for many sufferers, both physically and mentally. Psoriasis has the highest incidence of suicide of any disease. Many patients have heard the words that “Psoriasis is incurable and you need to learn to live with it, because nothing can be done for this disease”.  Don’t despair!  The resulting positive changes to this skin disorder achieved by our clients, are exceptional, in 90% of cases and deserve the accolades our clients attributed to our highly effective protocols e.g. “this is amazing”, “I can't believe this is working for me”, “my skin hasn't looked this good for years”. The before and after pictures included are clear evidence for the outstanding contribution that the Good Skin Clinic is making, in teaching the secrets to unlocking the body's natural ability for resolving this serious skin disease.

What are the triggers for Psoriasis?

Include; Skin and tissue damage, systemic infection and disease, certain types of drugs and chemicals and stress. These areas of concern are addressed during your consultation.

Psoriasis Treatment

The treatments for psoriasis or even a cure for psoriasis, are touted by many with little or no scientific evidence for their claims. The abundance of psoriasis creams, psoriasis home remedies, that many unfortunate clients have wasted good money on, is concerning to say the least. The product development and scientific studies undertaken by the medical research scientist Dr Tirant, give a sound platform to launch, the life changing protocols of the Good Skin Clinic, they are making a real difference for thousands of skin disease sufferers, with all types of Psoriasis and with equal efficiency, whether it is scalp psoriasis, plaque psoriasis, guttate psoriasis, palmar psoriasis, anogenital psoriasis, plantar psoriasis, psoriatic nails, etc. and including assistance for psoriatic arthritis sufferers as well.

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