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Our clinic does not operate on a one size fits all approach.

We assess each individual to establish the primary AND secondary causes of your disease.
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Eczema and fungal infection
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Experience a high degree of frustration with this disease, due to its complexity and the irritation of the exzema rash. At the Good Skin Clinic we have gone to great lengths to design a program that is easy to follow.


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Include a red, dry, scaly, itchy skin rash, with well defined borders. It is an autoimmune disease.


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Rosacea and Acne Rosacea
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Rosacea is a disease, that for some, causes a great deal of embarrassment, yet there is often a quick, effective response to the appropriate therapy.


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Skin Rashes
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Treatments for Skin Rashes are as variable as the rashes themselves. However the flexibility of the Good Skin Clinic program allows us to focus on the cause of the disease and the effect it has on the individual.


We have combined evidence based allergy knowledge, psoriasis treatments and the very best topical skin repair treatments to truly understand the most effective combination in the overwhelming majority of cases.

We identify primary and secondary triggers for your condition then show you how to repair and maintain the barrier effectively reducing dryness, itch, scaling and cracks.

We utilise a combination of evidence based treatment approaches that include effective internal medicines with leading edge topical applications as well as evidence based lifestyle recommendations. With the combined knowledge of leaders in complementary dermatology, particularly the treatment of Psoriasis, we have a small global network of scientists and health practitioners whose work and knowledge has been combined to form the platform of the Good Skin Clinic Program.

Thanks to the efforts of all we have been able to declare that Good Skin is Within.

Our natural based therapies and medications include the Dr Michael's product range with it's exceptionally high level of scientific validation. As with any medication or therapy it requires the appropriate protocols to be followed for maximum benefit and individual results may vary.

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Based on the Northern Rivers region of NSW and Gold Coast Australia, Good Skin Clinic has been successfully treating chronic skin conditions for over 20 years.

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Who we are

We are Integrated Dermatologists.

The Good Skin Clinic has been making a significant difference to the lives of people who suffer from skin diseases on the Gold Coast and the Northern Rivers since 2006, using Dr Michael Tirant treatment protocols. These have been tested by Dermatologists and achieve an unprecedented 89% success rate. This program is leading the world in skin disease and has been changing the lives of sufferers of skin disease since 1985.

What we do​

We achieve real results for people with long term chronic skin conditions.

Our protocols have been tested by Dermatologists and achieve an unprecedented 89% success rate. This program is leading the world in skin disease and has been changing the lives of sufferers of skin disease since 1985.

How we do it

We are patient focused and our results speak for themselves. 

Combining decades of clinical knowledge we utilise a variety of additional supports to aid rapid, gentle resolution. After assessing your presentation with photos taken on the morning of your appointment, our clinicians will observe the range of triggers for your skin condition. Once this is established we work you to customise a treatment plan. We address the symptoms in the first consultation and over a minimum of 12 weeks support you to achieve lasting results.

At the Good Skin Clinic, our strengths lay in our ability to determine the most likely cause of your disease. In other words, why did this happen to you? By establishing a causative factor, we then focus our treatments in the most efficient and effective areas of therapy, for your particular condition.

Our team is your best support for Good Skin

We aim to exceed your expectations. We set high standards to achieve the best results but our goal is for you to experience gentle, rapid repair of your skin and a noticeable reduction in symptoms as quickly as possible. We are a covid safe practice and implement all public health recommendations to ensure the safety and well being of all of our patients. Our support team are available weekdays between 9am and 4pm AEST to assist with any enquiries. We ship globally to anyone wanting to experience that Good Skin is Within.