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Skin Rashes


Yes we can help no matter how minor or how severe

























If your skin is red, itchy, scaly or irritated. Your rash is getting worse or not improving we can help. If you have a fungal infection or suspect scabies we can help. There isn't much we haven't seen when it comes to skin and rashes. If you're uncertain about Psoriasis or eczema or something else we can help.


Yes, skin problems can lead to so many questions and the possible answers are endless. To the lay person the mine field of variability can be very confusing. We have treated many rare conditions including common drug induced rash.


Getting the right diagnosis is important however knowing how to fix the problem is what every patient wants to know and that's where the Good Skin Clinic excels. Delivering outstanding results for the most serious to the mildest of complaints.

Treatments for Skin Rashes are as variable as the rashes themselves. However the flexibility of the Good Skin Clinic program allows us to focus on the cause of the disease and the effect it has on the individual. The very reason why the results achieved at the Good Skin Clinic are truly outstanding, is our ability to give a tailor made approach for each patient .


The completely NATURAL approach of the Good Skin Clinic focuses on achieving maximum health benefits for our patients. Using the exceptional nutritional advice we offer, along with the appropriate herbal and mineral supplements the patients require, plus the outstanding range of natural based anti-inflammatory, anti- itch creams, displaying truly significant healing properties to benefit every type of rash that is presented at the Good Skin Clinic.


At the Good Skin Clinic we are constantly reviewing the latest scientific advancements and updating our program to stay at the pinnacle of our game.

Skin Rashes Commonly treated at Good Skin Clinic

Granuloma Annulare

Fungal Infections

Lichen Planus

Molluscum Contagiosum

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