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Guttate Psoriasis

Guttate lesions are defined by their shape and occur in less than 2% of psoriasis presentations, the majority of which will recover completely. It is estimated that one third of sufferers will go on to develop chronic psoriasis.

Guttate lesions are defined by their shape and are a common psoriatic presentation.

Based on the latin word for drop "gutta" , bright pink guttate lesions have a rain like appearance across the torso, arms leg and and extremities ranging in size from round to oval with prominent scales that appear smaller than plaque psoriasis. Itch is common, often disturbing sleep.

Guttate psoriasis is related to chronic psoriasis and will occur without warning following infection such as strep throat. It will reoccur in cycles and flaring with stress or what we refer to as secondary triggers. These can include skin trauma such as cuts or burns, alcohol and drug use (including pharmaceutical), or environmental triggers.

Flares can be weeks or months long dependent on treatment. The Good Skin Clinic treatment protocol aims to make a substantial difference to the skin within 3 weeks. Where guttate doesn't resolve it can progress to more chronic plaque psoriasis.

Chronic psoriasis is an immune disorder which affects the skin meaning the body's immune system will overreact and result in inflamed itching patches or lesions. Inflamed skin can be red, itching and painful. Guttate psoriasis can be resolved in the majority of cases.

Steps to better manage guttate psoriasis:

  • Monitor your stressors and implement self regulation tools. Reduced exposure to stressors can decrease recurrence of symptoms. At Good Skin Clinic we assess stressors to identify primary and secondary triggers.

  • Daily gentle washing not scrubbing. Bathing with fats and oils is also recommended as is a non abrasive gentle exfoliant.

  • We recommend Soratinex Cleansing Gel and Soratinex Skin Care Oil for mild psoriasis as an introduction to our prescription only compound range.

  • Lifestyle interventions will make a substantial difference where managed correctly with a supervised treatment protocol.

At Good Skin Clinic we have a multifaceted approach to integrated treatment

  • Individualised diet & lifestyle recommendations

  • Correct use of supervised medications that target skin repair

  • Individualised topicals

Book an appointment to radically reduce your guttate symptoms today

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