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Stopping the itch, New ways to Psoriasis relief

Psoriasis sufferers know only too well the itching, redness and soreness of their irritating and uncomfortable skin condition. Unlike many other skin diseases, Psoriasis may affect your fingernails as well, developing plaque under the nail and around the nail bed causing the nail to lift off the nail bed. This is often confused with fungal infections, due to the clouded appearance of this process. People with nail psoriasis are more likely to develop fungal infection, because the nail is now compromised and water maybe retained under the nail creating the perfect environment for the fungal infection to infest.

For some, this disease may be experienced as Psoratic Arthritis as well, causing pain and swelling around the joints. Most sufferers do not experience all of these conditions at once, thankfully. The Good Skin Clinics offer topical medications, including a deep cleansing gel which exfoliates the skin, removing the flakiness and ointments containing essential oils and herbs. This new approach of addressing the triggers apart from treating the symptoms, has produced some remarkable results. Visible improvement can be seen within weeks of the treatment program beginning. At the Good Skin Clinic we identify a list of triggers that have to be addressed for long term remission. We have also developed very effective treatment protocols which combine our topical’s and oral medication, along with dietary protocols. The results have been so outstanding that patients as far as Europe are coming to Australia to access our treatment and program. Mr Barry Donnelly BHSc CM WHM N, the practitioner at the Good Skin Clinic, Gold Coast and Northern Rivers, sees, on a daily basis, the patients that have experienced pain and suffering for decades, living under the mistaken belief that nothing can be done. The comment, “I which I had known about this years ago” is a phrase commonly heard in our clinics. Please if you are a skin disease sufferer, don’t delay in making an appointment, it may just change your life for the better.

Other SKIN CONDITIONS that are also successfully addressed at the Good Skin Clinic include, ECZEMA, ACNE, PSORIATIC ARTHRITIS, ROSACEA, DERMATITIS, ICHTHYOSIS and NAIL / FUNGAL INFECTIONS.

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