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Psoriasis Relief is HERE!

“Psoriasis” is an hereditary condition, in other words, you may have been born with the potential to develop this disease, which may lie dormant for many years until it is triggered off. Roughly 4% of the population trigger this disease yet 27% carry the gene. There are well-known primary triggers that can activate the condition, for example: injury to the skin (Koebner Phenomenon), systemic infections and emotional stress.

However, when psoriasis is activated initially, it may continue for a lifetime? This is where secondary factors play an inhibitive role, by exacerbating the condition. The Good Skin Clinic’s significant success with this disease, is to a large degree, contributed to the work of Dr Michael Tirant, who holds a doctorate in Bio Chemistry from Monash University and is a medical research scientist. His research, identified many variables which aggravate the condition. Some of these are diet, chemical, hormone and lifestyle. Dr Tirant went on to develop an astoundingly effective range of topical and oral medications to be combined with his treatment protocols which focus on combating the triggers for this condition. His protocols have been so successful (90%) that a number of dermatologists in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic and Russia are currently using them and a number of clinical trials, over 11 countries have confirmed the excellent results being achieved in Australia particularly on the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers by the Good Skin Clinic. To all frustrated psoriasis sufferers, many of whom have been told “learn to live with this disease, because nothing can be done for it”, do not give up hope.

There is NO quick fix or cure but I know we have the treatment protocols that will help you clear up your skin. Barry Donnelly BHSc CM ND WHM N. has trained with Dr Tirant in Melbourne and offers this remarkable service to the sufferers of skin disease here locally, at to clinic locations on the GC and the Northern Rivers

Other SKIN CONDITIONS that are also successfully addressed at the Good Skin Clinic include, ECZEMA, ACNE, PSORIATIC ARTHRITIS, ROSACEA, DERMATITIS, ICHTHYOSIS and NAIL / FUNGAL INFECTIONS.

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